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Communication needs new solutions

("A problem is simple once it's solved", Thomas Edison)

As specialists in planning, constructing and operating antenna
sites, New Radio Tower (NRT) for the first time enables network
operators to reduce the work and costs involved in erecting and
operating antenna masts of their own

Rapid growth in the mobile communications market, the steep rise in the number of new customers and the wealth of services available from different operators are all fuelling the tremendous demand for additional antenna locations. Official estimates suggest that no fewer
than 16,000 additional antenna masts will be required over the next five years. Although many companies don't have a "problem" constructing and running these facilities - the time, cost and work involved is considerable.
Just as Thomas Edison would have preferred, NRT offers a practicable solution to this "problem" by making it extremely easy for any company to use antenna masts. NRT constructs and leases mast sites to network operators - on a turnkey basis and with sufficient capacities for individual needs. NRT acquires and constructs antenna masts, attends to their maintenance, provides the relevant infrastructure and manages properties. NRT provides the basis for any type of mobile telephone link.

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