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You can't force innovation. But you can lease it.

Our company started out facing the challenge of finding a practical solution to meet the ever-growing demand for antenna sites: New Radio Tower (NRT) was founded in September 1999 with the aim of rationalising the operation of antenna masts for all companies through collocation.

Meanwhile NRT employs a team of almost 200 engineers, surveyors and communications technicians. The company leases facilities, such as antenna masts, to a variety of providers on the basis of the transmission requirement and communications equipment used. NRT manages the sites and takes care of maintenance and inspection. NRT not only plans the engineering side of new locations, links and coverage - we also erect new masts. It has never been easier to use antenna sites.
NRT's steady development is fostered by clients with a successful track record in the telecommunications sector:

Arcor-Mannesmann Telecommunications D2 Vodafone
Alcatel T-Mobil
Lucent Technologies One
Nokia - Connecting People VIAG Interkom
e.plus Ericsson
Mobilcom star21networks
dolphin telecom viaone
Nortel Networks Telering

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